Is Blogging Narcissistic?

Is it?

I think so, which is why I haven't blogged much. How many times can one say their product is fabulous?

Maybe it's from growing up where I did and when I did, but one of the worst things at that time was "being full of yourself". So, although humility wasn't spoken of directly, it was indirectly all the time.

Hence, my reluctance to blog. Even looking back at the few times I did blog, it's faintly embarassing, like one of those kids who tries so hard to act cool, but everyone knows they are not.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in my makeup, it's the finest product out there in my own opinion- it's just these traces of childhood "you're getting too big for your britches" thoughts linger.

So I think I will start featuring other products and items I love and believe in too, just to even things out and appease my inner child!

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Angel said...

Here here! I totally agree with you. Why can't the folks in Gen Y(is that what they're called now?) sprout some humility? I wish certain groups of them would blog LESS.

And I think your products rock, Doree. Maybe an article on your more 'deceptive' colors? You know the ones I'm talking about!! The ones that just about change color on your skin versus what you see in the pot?