NO Sparkle for the next 40 years??????


I for one do not follow the unwritten "rule" that over 40's have to stop wearing sparkle and shimmer.

The general consensus is that it accentuates wrinkles.

Well, I'm 44 and I don't think I'm going to stop wearing sparkles for the next 40 years! Guess what? I do have lines and wrinkles. I don't think makeup is going to change that fact. I call them earned wisdom marks.

I think as well, that artful application of sparkles and shimmers will enhance beauty, not call attention to things we don't want it to.

I don't wear bright blue sparkle eye shadow anymore, true enough, but I adore the dark browns, blues, greens and grays with gold, silver, and iridescent sparkles in them. And honestly I think certain shadows add that extra little glow or sparkle to my eyes that maybe after 44 years is dulling a bit.

So, are you going to let "them" tell you what to wear?

I'm not!


Angel said...

Kudos for a great article, PQM!

I ain't gonna let anyone tell me what I should wear. If I think it looks good then by gosh it's going on my face!

Besides, sparkles make me feel kinda girlie.... even if it's a slightly sparkly eyeliner like your Ecstasy color. Great stuff.

Alceryn said...

Way to go!! "They" suck anyway. Flaunt those sparkles!

eclipse said...

Haha when I first joined craftster, before I even joined Etsy, my username is "not2old4glitter".
They are going to have to pry the sparklies out of my cold, dead hands!

The Bath Project said...

I love it!! great picture =o) I've never followed what *they* think as *they* are usually wrong lol

The Bath Project said...
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