What is IN that Stuff? Ingredients Lies and Omissions

As I've said before, you really have to be careful when reading ingredients.

BUT how are you supposed to know when a makeup seller is outright LYING about their ingredients? You wouldn't, unless you are educated in different materials.

For example, there are some makeup sellers that state in every single item listing that the ingredients are mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, maybe kaolin clay too. In fact, I've seen makeup sellers on Etsy in particular that state these are their ONLY ingredients.

Well, that is simply not true. If the micas they were using were pure mica (nothing else coating them) that could possibly be true, but in fact they are not using pure micas. All they (or you) have to do is check the labels on the micas to find out what REALLY is in there.

I'm really getting tired of all the lying going on over at Etsy. Saying they've been making makeup for 10 years or whatever, copying other people's listings and saying they are the only ones making that, disrespecting other sellers by saying how anyone selling makeup for higher prices must be ripping people off, and outright lying, LYING to customers about ingredients. That is just unacceptable.

Let's show a fantastic example. Have you seen listings for Duochrome colors? Or color-changing shades? Most of the color changing shades are in fact duochromes- not all of them are but there are some that can be nothing else but.

Let's see here- one seller is reselling TKB's Planetary sampler and saying, and I quote "Ingredients: Mica,titanium dioxide, iron oxide, kaolin clay"

Um.. did you forget a few things? First off, there is no kaolin clay in any of these colors. There is, however, added things: SILICA, TIN OXIDE, ... heck, go check yourself!

You want a WHOLE TEASPOON of each shade? Go and get it, in fact you can buy everything in certain "sellers" shops here:

Sellers who are not actually making their own makeup will get really upset about this post. I expect it, in fact it's already happened over my previous posts. For some reason the fact that I want to educate people, as well as I can't stand seeing people being ripped off by dishonest sellers- those things tend to upset the very (re)sellers I am talking about.

This is sad. If those (re)sellers want to resell makeup, heck they can do it anywhere else on the internet they want to, not a problem. But when they infiltrate the Etsy, ArtFire, Handmade Fusion and other HANDMADE sites, they should expect that sooner or later someone is going to speak up. Someone who actually makes their own makeup. Someone that gets tired of having to clean up resellers messes all the time. Someone who gets tired of coming up with a new and unique product and/or packaging method, only to be copied over and over and over. On handmade sites. How sad.


Pretty Things said...

I agree!

BlueRockGourds said...

Hello! Re sellers,
I am a customer of Pink Quartz Minerals Makeup and it is the BEST!!!!!!!!!! The finest makeup on the handmade market! Please, get a life and own up!
Wendy from Blue Rock Gourds

Carol said...

Thanks for the info. I have used your powder foundation and love it. I am awaiting my next supply and a sample of blush, you rock and can't wait to increase my variety of products.

Angel said...

Good for you!!! I am so glad you wrote this article, Doree. You shouldn't have to put up with those idiots' constant crap.

And why in the heck would I want their skank-assed resold shit when I can have the sun, the moon, and every little twinkly star I want right there on my eye lids? I ask for something and I get it. That simple! PQM rocks!!

I wore Pandsymonium eye shadow again today and got the most compliments.

Amy said...

You know, that's what bothers me most about etsy there are people just reselling things, and passing them off as handmade. With some things you can tell, and with some things you can't, especially until you get them. Some people on there are just larger businesses who use etsy to get a larger customer base. It's really frustrating.

Valerie R. said...

Bravo Doree!

Maria ~ Owner, beauty by Saria said...

As a fellow Mineral Makeup Seller on Etsy, I have to give a big THANK YOU to Doree for putting the truth out there!!
There is a HUGE difference between a mica based colorant and an actual eye shadow or other mineral product. Buying a mica based colorant from a supplier, repacking it in a jar and putting a label on it DOES NOT MAKE IT A SHADOW.

Simply put, Mica Colorants lack the ingredients necessary for proper adhesion, wear, glide/slip and texture. I'm not talking about fillers- useless ingredients included for the sole purpose of "watering down" a product. I'm talking about the key ingredients that allow your shadow to stay on, feelgreat, blend evenly and smoothly, as well as keep the powder in a free flowing state.

Personally, I carry several colors that are as unchanged as possible from the original mica colorant simply because the color is just so pretty! I do however take the colorant and add a special blend of ingredients that provide the colorant with all the necessary things to make it a shadow. Is the color still the same? Pretty close, but now it's a product that has performance and quality, which are two things that should never be compromised!

Passing off colorants as shadow is not just for micas anymore either! There are now sellers who are packaging straight iron oxide and calling it shadow. I really hope they love that color because it is going to stain their skin and no amount of rubbing or scrubbing is going to get it off. For days (or longer).

OK, sorry for the little rant here folks- you can tell this is an issue that is close to the heart for many of us!

For the record, yes Doree and I run competing shops on Etsy, but we also have come to be friends. We know there is plenty of business out there for both of us, so why not lean on each other and support one another!? Rather than pushing each other down, we work to bring both of us up.

It is at times like this that I am proudest to be Doree's friend. Not only did she have the courage to post the truth, but she does it in a way that is meant to inform and educate the customer- not to bad mouth or bash another seller.

Again, THANK YOU Doree for bringing this issue to light! It's time we formulators spoke up and make ourselves heard! We've had enough with the re-selling and we are not going to take it anymore!