Beauty and the Best

Ok, did you read that as Beauty and the Beast? It's not a typo, just the subject of this blog posting.

I've been asked what I think is the best makeup out there. Well, I think mine is. If I didn't think so, I wouldn't be making it! That said, I've been asked what I think about different kinds of foundation, powder, liquid, pressed, etc.

I will be discussing various foundations in VivaLaModa magazine's September issue. I've been contributing to this fabulous online zine for a few months. Ainhoa, the editor and creator of this fabulous online fashion and beauty magazine is a wonderful person, and super creative!

Check out some of VivaLaModa's recent issues!

Click here to check out my article on makeup for deep set eyes.

Click here to see my article on enchanting eye makeup.

Feel free to page through the issues, you'll find tons of affordable designer made fashions too!


Carol said...

I think your make up is great. Was that fun telling them what for. Smile

Angel said...

I love that e-zine. Just loads of fun to flip through.