Is that really handmade makeup?

Hi everyone!
I'm still here, just a lot of personal stuff going on.
I did want to post about the current rash of non-handmade makeup sellers getting caught out in their deceptions, and also the makeup sellers selling non-approved ingredients as eye shadow.

I just got finished watching a video from a makeup seller on how she makes custom eye shadow. I laughed! She basically dumped various ingredients into a little container and shook it up. That is the most unprofessional thing I've ever seen, yet people just are gushing over how cool it is and all that. Not only that, but it makes it look like anyone can just mix stuff together and voila! they have makeup. It is deceptive(unless you are buying prepackaged makeup and sticking your own label OVER the wholesalers label) as there is much more involved than that.

First, anyone really making their own makeup actually measures and/or weighs every single thing. Also it is written down (I learned this the hard way) in a safe place so THE RECIPE CAN BE DUPLICATED!!!
What happens if all the "samples" she sends to customers are a big hit? By not measuring and not writing down the recipe she cannot accurately duplicate the shade. It's hard enough to dupe something WITH the recipe due to the variations that can occur in the ingredients themselves.

Secondly, she uses a "base" she adds to all her shadows. Huh? Every one of my shadows has a different recipe. I don't have a standard base to add colored mica to, because each mica reacts differently to different ingredients. Also, adding a matte base to a sparkle will dull out the sparkle to varying degrees, and you can't add a sparkle base to a matte... I really don't understand this at all.

Lastly, taking a look at one of her additional videos, her "lab" is part of her kids playroom. I make my own makeup and am appalled by this. When mixing, there are so many minerals floating around that are not to be breathed in that it is a health hazard to her children playing there. Not to mention how unsanitary children can be (sticky, dirty hands, etc) in direct contact with the ingredients for makeup.

Although this just touches on some issues brought up by this sellers videos, again there is a factor of common sense that people need to employ when watching junk such as this. Remember it is your skin and your health!

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Pretty Things said...

This is the sort of thing that needs to be posted in the forums, but of course if it WAS, first, you'd get skewered, and then you'd get muted -- although the soap folks recently did have a long post go through and a team made, although I'm not quite sure if that has helped in the long run. :-( I know you're the real deal, though!