Well? I've Tried 'em all, now I make my own!

I've tried just about every kind of mineral makeup on the market (Jane I, ID Bare Ess., Cory, ... the list goes on). I've had the following problems:

Itchy face
Too dry
Too oily
Bad coverage
Wipes off too easy
Pores too big

So, after a lot of research, trial and error, I've made my own!
Introducing Pink Quartz Minerals makeup. I use only 6 ingredients for some foundations, 4 or 5 for others (depending on colors). Less for blush, eye shadows and mineral veil.
Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc & Iron Oxides, some have Ultramrine Blue and Kaolin Clay.

This feels great, no itch! I have combination skin and acne, and it's not too dry or oily! It covers great (I've found if you don't have the right color makeup it doesn't cover right. Experiment!)
No blotch, doesn't wipe off too easily, and minimizes, not enlarges my pores. Of course, using Translucent Veil is what really perfects the look!


The BEST part is since I sleep in it, it has actually nearly cured my acne. I get an occassional blemish now and then, but compared to my face full... this is fantastic!

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