Mineral Makeup Woes From Customers Files

OK, in my last post I stated some of my own problems with mineral makeup.
Here is one that is very common as well.

Q. I have a problem with the ID mineral makeup I bought. It makes my face look, well, shiny. I HATE that! Can you help?

A. Of course! Pink Quartz Minerals makeup foundation is NOT shiny! It is COMPLETELY matte! It will NOT make your face shimmery or shiny at all. The "other" brands contain chemicals and substances that add a definate shine to your face. Ours does not. So, the simple answer is purchase Pink Quartz Minerals makeup ( website www.pinkquartzminerals.com and also www.pinkquartzminerals.etsy.com) and you will see a complete difference in how ours looks compared to theirs!!

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