Glue Moo.. Alternative Uses for Mineral Makeup!

Today I won a contest sponsered by WIST-Etsy, the Wisconsin Street Team of Etsy, another place I list my mineral makeup! I was flabbergasted, because there were so many stunning and creative entries!
I used a makeup brush and painted a cow face with glue onto plastic. Then I sprinkled some Pink Quartz Minerals makeup (namely Jet Black eyeliner and Pearl White eye shadow) onto the glue.
After tapping off the excess, this is what it looks like!
Do you think they were just trying to make me feel good? I mean, other entries were sooo great!

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bellacolle said...

Oh my goodness! that is sooo cool! I won't look at my makeup bag the same way! lol! Love mineral makeup. gonna bookmark your blog. :)