I don't need - want - wear - bother with- Foundation

Have you ever heard this? Or said it yourself?
Let me ask you this: have you ever seen a model that doesn't wear it? Even the most lovely models need a little cover up or to even out their complexions.

Take another look at my foundation. I have formulated it not to completely blot out your skin, but to enhance your natural complexion! It is lightweight, in fact most women say they forget they put it on. The minerals even out your skin tone, and cover light imperfections.

Dry skin? By all means moisturize before using my foundation. Be sure to blot any excess moisturizer before applying foundation. Yes, mineral makeup can be slightly drying due to its powdered form, but a good moisturizer should take care of any potential drying. My Translucent Veil is specially formulated to reflect light away from fine lines and wrinkles, as well as set your makeup.

Oily skin? You will love the way my foundation and veil together combat the oil slick look you so often get with liquid foundation (yes- even oil free formulas).

Acne prone skin? Against convential advice, I recommend sleeping in my foundation. Let me explain why: Acne is caused by bacteria. Now there is bacteria everywhere- smoke, fog, fingertips, it's even floating in the air! Any bacteria that settles onto your skin is a potential for a breakout.
What Pink Quartz Minerals foundation does is create a protective barrier between your clean skin and bacteria. You'll find as less bacteria reaches your face, less acne appears.
I say- sleep in it. Do you know what is on your pillowcase? Oils from your skin, hair, bacterias, etc. and as you sleep you are grinding that into your facial skin. Have you ever noticed people with acne on their faces usually have one side worse than the other? That is usually the side they sleep on.
As long as you apply my foundation to clean skin you are good to go!

I don't put any unnecessary chemicals or fillers in my makeup so there is little chance of allergies. It's super easy to apply with a kabuki brush, it literally takes a minute or two to apply your foundation for the day!


Pili said...

Hmmmm, you got me there, I usually can't be arsed to wear any make up for work, but I will never forget to put some foundation on before going out or at any other point of my social life from now on!

eclipse said...

Foundation is the one thing I always wear if I am leaving the house. Even just to the post office or grocery store, I might not always wear mascara or lipstick but I ALWAYS wear foundation. I guess it's kind of a security blanket.
The nice thing about your foundation is that it doesn't look like I'm wearing any makeup, it just looks like I have better skin than I really do.

Angel said...

TOO TRUE -what you said about pillowcases being a major source of germs!! I started dusting my face with Veil after washing my face before bed AND changing my pillowcase 2-3 times a week and my face has really cleared up.