I have to admit it. I'm a soap fanatic. I love soaps, and I love trying new ones from different sellers. I'm embarassed to say how many soaps I've purchased from Etsy- WAY too many for one person, good thing I give a lot away as gifts.
Let me show you some of my fabulous finds, in no particular order!

I wasn't sure about this Ropewalk Amber Ale soap from desertmaidenbath.etsy.com
but I love it so much I've even used it as shampoo!


These are hilarious, but my nephews thought they were AWESOME! By anniepoo.etsy.com these army man soaps are too fun!

Fresh from dsoaper.etsy.com , I purchase these goat milk soaps by the 8 pack for my father and sister who adore them!

From FrostFishCoveSoaps.etsy.com , the Pineapple Cilantro was magnificent! I love that they have vegan soap as well!


For my son who breaks out with eczema, I purchase these boo-boo soaps made with neem, tea tree oil and oatmeal. It soothes his skin and lessens the redness and itch. These were made by TerraScents.etsy.com


I purchased the Black Raspberry soap from morganstreet.etsy.com , but look at this scrumptious looking soap!


I have to say I haven't bought a soap from this shop southpacificbody.etsy.com that I didn't adore. I love all of them! Next on my personal list looks like it could be Asian Plum

I also keep coming back to savor.etsy.com , it's so fun to try out all her new items, and she seems to always have new ones! I'm pretty sure this is my next purchase:


The newest I've tried is Strawberry Champagne by soapdeli.etsy.com
I have to say I love it, it is long lasting and smells divine!


I've tried others as well, but there are quite a few no longer in business on Etsy, and some have decided to try their hand at other things.

If you are a soaper and I haven't tried yours yet, don't worry, I'm getting there!!


The Ebon Swan said...

That's ok darlin'...you should have SEEN how much soap I bought for Christmas. And wound up keeping so I bought *more* soap...and other people liked that so I gave that to them and bought MORE soap...

Pretty Things said...

OMG that CAKE soap!!!! It would be so hard not to just chow down on that.