Color Shots are HERE!!!!!

Color Shots!

Isn't that the coolest name for samples you've ever heard?

My friend Melissa came up with that, and it's great! (Thanks!)

My new Color Shots are proving to be VERY popular. They are tiny 1" high snap tubes with enough eye shadow/eyeliner for 1-5 uses. They are set up in kits (more to come) and also include either a vegan eyeliner brush or a vegan eye shadow brush. The brush fits right into the tube.

I am still behind with my charts, so will introduce my uncharted colors this way! It's the easy way to get all 170+ eye shadow and eyeliner colors in one spot!


Pili said...

I love concept of the colour shots!
Hopefully I'll have some cash to spare next month for some of your make up! =D

Pretty Things said...

SUPER idea!!!!

Lisa Plenkon said...

Yeah- I see some other Etsy stores are copying this idea too. Yours are the first and best though!