Makeup Brush Care and Cleaning

Makeup Brush Care and Cleaning

Do you have a vegan brush or are thinking about getting one, but not sure how to care for it?

Vegan brushes are different than natural hair brushes as they are made with synthetic materials and not animal hair. In my experience they are equal to, if not better than, animal hair brushes. They do not shed or break off like animal hair, they are easy to clean, and they retain their softness over time. (My own brush is 4 years old and still soft and works wonderfully!)

To clean a vegan brush use anti-bacterial dish soap. This will remove bacteria from the brush that may be on there from facial oils, transferred from hands, etc.
Simply put a drop or two of dish soap into a coffee cup or shallow glass and add about 1 1/2" of warm (not hot) water, just so it doesn't go past the bristles into the metal handle. Swirl around the brush really well but gently, dump, add more water, and keep going until the water is clear.

With a Kabuki brush you can gently squeeze the bristles out and gently shape with your hand. With eye shadow, concealer, powder and other brushes refrain from squeezing the bristles if possible.

Put the brush with the bristles pointing downward to dry so any water drains out and not into the handle. If too much water gets into the handle the bristles could fall out as they are glued into the handle.
You can wash it as often as it gets dirty. You can actually feel when the brush has too much makeup packed in it, it doesn't glide across your skin as easily. I wash my Kabuki about every 2-3 weeks and I use it daily. The large Kabuki brushes take about 24 hours to air dry, the others easily dry overnight.

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Pili said...

That's amazing info! I need to care for the awesome brushes I got from you!

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