I Don't Run Out of Makeup - Substitutions and Ethics

I don't run out. And I don't substitute a different shade because I "ran out".

You know why? Because I make it myself. So unless my suppliers discontinue something I need to make what you want (in which case I'll discontinue the color/item myself) you can be sure you'll get exactly what you ordered.

I've been getting a LOT of correspondence lately asking me to "please don't substitute any shades". Upon further investigation, apparently it's all too common a practice for some individual handmade makeup companies to get an order and if they don't have something "in stock" they will substitute something else.

Huh? I really don't see how this is possible if indeed the company/person is making the cosmetics themselves. And further, why wouldn't they contact the customer up front before substituting in the rare instance they ran out of a supply they needed, and ASK the customer if they want to sub or wait?

Etsy.com customers seem to be hardest hit by this substitution thing according to my email. It's not usual or common or even very ethical to get something, on purpose, that is substituted for what you actually ordered. So rest assured when you place an order with Pink Quartz Minerals you will get what you order, no worries.

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PennyW said...

Wow! This just happened to me last week and I thought it was odd. Thanks for clarifying now off to shop at your store.